Apple Watch With a Wrap-Around Display? Here’s What a Recently Found Apple Patent Says

Cupertino-based giant Apple often brings some of the most revolutionary to the fore. Now, the company may be rethinking wearables as a new patent from the iPhone maker suggests a wrap-around display on the Apple Watch. Currently, the Apple Watch comes with a suqare-shaped dial with rounded corners. The look, despite some minor tweaks over the years, has largely remained the same for the Apple smartwatch. The patent, however, suggests a circular dial with a wrap-around display. The patent shows a flexible display that goes around the whole shape of the watch. Apple will keep the display seamless by using “interconnects” that stretch from the front to the back surface of the smartwatch. The “interconnects” will connect to the LEDs which will allow for a seamless operation. In addition to this, Apple also states that the design of the wrap-around Apple Watch will feature minimal bezels.

The patent, first found by Mashable India, also discusses a display that covers the entire length of the watch face, along with at least a portion of the wrist band. “The display module additionally includes a graphical user interface (GUI) manager, to control information displayed on the display substrate, where the display substrate includes a first display area associated with a face of the wearable electronic device and a second display area associated with a band of the wearable electronic device,” the patent description reads.

If made possible, a wrap-around display on an Apple Watch will be interesting to see what kind of customisations could be available for such a device.