Uber Eats delivery worker bashed by gang in Mooroobool near Cairns, Queensland.

A violent criminal has been jailed for four years over the brutal bashing of an Uber Eats worker who was left with horrific injuries and trauma after the attack.

Jivanta Justin Banu, 21, led a ‘predatory and cowardly’ attack on the delivery worker after repeatedly punching the man in Mooroobool near Cairns, Queensland.

Banu, who was on parole for other violent offences, stopped the victim on his bicycle and attacked him after he refused to hand over any cash.

Jivanta Justin Banu, 21, lead a ‘predatory and cowardly’ attack that left an delivery worker disfigured after repeatedly punching the man in Mooroobool near Cairns, Queensland.

An Uber Eats delivery driver has been left with black eyes and a broken nose after Banu and two men repeatedly threw punches and stole his watch (stock image)

The victim attempted to flee on his bike but Banu continued to pursue the man who called out for help from two other men.

But unbeknownst to him the pair were with Banu, and all three punched and kicked him again.

Banu stole the victim’s watch before leaving him with a broken nose, deep cuts on his face and black eyes.

Judge Leanne Clare described the bashing as ‘brutal’ in the Cairns District Court on Tuesday.

‘You were the initiator, you were the one who stopped him. You delivered the first blows,’ Judge Clare said.

‘He bears a reminder on his face of what you did to him. He’s traumatised and is afraid,’ Judge Clare said.

The victim was unable to eat and had limited mobility following the attack, the Cairns District Court heard.

The next morning, Banu also stole keys to a car after breaking into a home.

Banu was sentenced to four years in jail and pleaded guilty to robbery in company using personal violence, stealing, unlawful use of a car, and entering premises to commit an indictable act.

He will be available for parole on July 26 this year and has already served 308 days pre-sentence custody.

Banu was sentenced to four years in jail following the ‘predatory and cowardly’ attack in Mooroolbool, Queensland